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Michelle Miller

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Blast Fat Fast

With many of the gyms still closed or operating at limited capacity, many of you are searching for a way to stay fit. Now I don't love to exercise but I do it because I hate dieting more!

I came across this quick 7-minute full-body interval workout on Business Insider but it's posted on several other sites like LifeHack and various YouTube Sites. Yes, it's just 7 minutes long to complete all 12 exercises.

The concept is to do each exercise for 30 seconds, doing as many reps as possible in the 30-second interval. Once you complete an exercise you will rest for 10 seconds, then move onto the next exercise. See the image below with all 12 exercises. You can also find several workout playlists on YouTube for this workout, just type in "7-minute workout playlist" in the search bar.

You might do the first few exercises and think this is too easy but it will become harder towards the end. If you still feel like you can do more after 7 minutes then repeat the circuit 1-2 more times. I did 3 circuits of this and it was a really good workout. I have to say I did far fewer reps in the third round than the first and second, so you will get a good workout.

Here's the video, by Inger Houghton, that I used as it runs the timer and tells you when to switch to the next move. She's pretty ripped so that keeps you motivated and the music moves with the exercises:

She also has a more advanced 7 minute workout, similar moves but with a twist, to make them a little harder. If you want more of a challenge:

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