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Luxury and Lifestyle Marketing Specialist &

Interior Redesigner



Tel: (480) 466-2984

I will listen to your needs and together we'll establish our goals and objectives. We will work as a team to meet your goals.  Communication is key so I will continually be updating you throughout the entire process so you never have to wonder what's going on.  My ultimate goal is a rewarding long term relationship where I can continue to assist you, as well as your family and friends, with any future real estate questions and needs.


It is always my object to treat clients like they are family, and by the end of this we'll probably feel that way :)  I want to make this process on you as easy is possible.  Moving is hard so if I can help alleviate the stress that is always my goal.  I work to keep you informed on all matters, good and bad, so you are never wondering what's going on.  I'm from the Midwest so I was brought up with the value of hard work, being honest (whether people want to hear the truth or not), loyalty and kindness.  This is a partnership and your needs and worries are my needs and worries and we'll accomplish this by listening.  



One thing that sets me apart from other agents is my staging services.  I'm not going to walk through and tell you to do this, that and the other thing - I DO IT!  Yes, I will need your help to box some things up but when your part is finished that's when I go to work.  If we decide we need items for the house I can either pick them up or sometimes the client will go with me and we make a day of it picking out items you like.

Once all staging items are secure I go through your home and make sure every bed, every dresser, every bookcase, every shelf, etc... looks show-ready.  Pictures are crucial so I am always keeping that in mind when I stage your home.  I will review the room from where a photographer will shoot and make sure those shots will be perfect.


I have found buyers for my listings even before we hit the MLS through my pre-marketing campaign.  I will utilize the in-house systems we have to try and match your home with buyers in our system who are looking.  In addition, with demographics I've pulled on the location of your home, I will know who is our intended buyer and I will target them through social media letting them know your home is coming soon.  There is also the old school task of door-knocking to let people know about your home and will be coming to the market soon.  These are only a few of the tactics I use but they are effective.


I run my business like a boutique agency, I only take 4 listings at a time to ensure you get the time and attention your home deserves.  I work tirelessly to get the word out about your home and to make sure it shows perfectly.  I have a track record of picking up homes other agents can't seem to sell and once I'm done staging them - magically they sell, usually fairly quick.  Currently, I have a 100% success rate in selling my listings, that's over 6 years running.


My satisfied clients are my best resource for new business. In this very competitive business of real estate, quality service makes the difference. My service is second to none and has earned me a valuable source of referrals. If you are considering a real estate professional, please give me an opportunity to earn your business too. I am confident you will be very happy!


  • Listing Success to Sales Rate = 99%2012-2014
  • Gold Circle Award
  • 2015, 2016 Leading Edge / Ranked #50 company-wide out of 1,000 agents
  • 2017 Presidents Circle
  • 2018 Leading Edge
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